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Soul Cards

for 2024

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Proclaim your Work


You need some time to step back.

  • You want to slow down, reflect and re-connect with yourself, others and the natural world. It may be friends, family, or a team.

  • Or you have a soul-based occupation like writing or painting, but recently you've felt uninspired. The joy has gone out of your work.

  • You want to disconnect from the mayhem of urban living completely for 4-10 days to nourish your soul, revel in nature, reflect on your life and come home to the Self.

Workshops and Retreats

My offerings draw on 

Art practices, Archetypes, Listening skills, Storytelling, Presencing, Theatre, Play, Humor and Absurdism.

Informed by

Nature, The Slow Movement, Wabi Sabi, The Thinking Environment, Indigenous practices, Ancestral resurgence, Deep Ecology, Animism and Systemic thinking.


Inspired by


James Hillman, Thomas Moore, Joseph Campbell, Wendell Berry, Nancy Kline, Carlos Castaneda, Malidoma Patrice Some, Byron Katie, Dacher Keltner, Neil Gaiman, Steven Pressfield, David Abram, Bert Hellinger, Sicelo Mbatha, Joana Macy, Michael Meade, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Nick Cave, Bradford Keeney, Ursula K. Le Guin, Tom Robbins, Lewis Hyde, Eric Morris and Martin Shaw.

In order to create

A sense of belonging; an experience that reflects depth, beauty, awakens awe, inspiration, expansion, relaxation, self-expression and creativity.

Some Options

  1. I offer workshops that use a variety of creative tools to open and express a sense of soulfulness. These are both online and in person.

  2. I often collaborate with other facilitators whose retreats are writing/art-focused/yoga/travel focused. I add a soulful  container within which these breakaways unfold. 

  3. Longer reflective breakaways that allow participants the space to deepen their own sense of self-belonging, reflect on their lives and refresh their sense of humanness.

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