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Decolonizing Communication

“It’s society’s job to tame the individual, and the

individual’s job to get free.” LG Boldt


A powerful Wildness lurks within you. 


Can you feel it?

It’s there, just under the surface of your skin. It is the ground of your being; an essence that’s indigenous only to you.  


I like to think of it as a jungle:

wild, untamed, dark and messy.  It’s your bottom, deep and dark; the slow heartbeat at the bottom of your life. It is a sacred and precious thing.


The wild human soul longs to have an experience of itself. To live. But in the West  the soul has largely been tamed. We outsource our self-esteem and worth, exploit ourselves and live vicariously through others. We colonize ourselves and colonize others.


My interest lies in exploring what it might be like to express myself on different terms;  to rewild the human soul; to integrate with my own nature rather than extracting from it or from others’.


If I allowed the spirit of creativity - the muse - to move me, how might I sing the Self into being? What could I possibly become? 



  1. By embodying a certain state of Being

  2. By cultivating a certain attitude

  3. By treating others in a certain way

All of these can be observed in artists or any other creative at work.


Pre-industrial cultures hold much of the medicine that might still take us back to living in ecological ‘rightness’ with ourselves, others and the world around us. 


The basic tenets of this type of communication can be boiled down to these three things:


  1. Everything is alive.

  2. Everything is connected to everything else.

  3. Everything is equal.

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